Rainforest is sustainable fashion brand inspired by nature.

The story came to life with a warm breeze that carries the magic across the treeline of a lush, green rainforest and the colours that transmute the sky from dusk till dawn. For floral dresses and scarves that boast originality and femininity, look no further than Rainforest’ exclusive seasonal lines. Artist draws inspiration from her experiences on the magic islands. What sets her work apart are the unique intricacies of each colorful pattern and the unique, labor-intensive process used to create each garment. Stunning floral patterns are cut from Songket fabrics that are manually woven with gold and silver threads, and the high-quality silk chiffon and satin. Rainforest latest designs feature printed floral scarves and long tailored dresses with bright and bold patterns perfectly reflect the tropical paradise.

Role: Identity, Logo, Packaging, Illustrations, Photography
Client: Rainforest
Location: São Paulo, Brazil 
Industry: Fashion
Year: 2018

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